Chamfering Objects in AutoCAD

Chamfering connects two nonparallel objects by extending or trimming them to intersect or to join with a beveled line. You can chamfer lines, polylines, xlines, and rays. With the distance method, you specify the amount that each line should be trimmed or extended. With the angle method, you can also specify the length of the chamfer and the angle it forms with the first line. You can retain the objects as they were before the chamfer or trim or extend them to the chamfer line.


If both objects being chamfered are on the same layer, the chamfer line goes on that layer. Otherwise, the chamfer line goes on the current layer. The same rules apply to chamfer color, linetype, and lineweight.
If no intersection point is within the drawing limits and if limits checking is turned on, AutoCAD rejects the chamfering.


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