Chamfering by Specifying Length and Angle in AutoCAD

You can chamfer two objects by specifying where on the first selected object the chamfer line starts. Then specify the angle the chamfer line forms with this object. In the following example, you chamfer two lines so that the chamfer line starts 1.5 units along the first line and forms an angle of 30-degrees with this line.


To chamfer by specifying chamfer length and angle

  1. From the Modify menu, choose Chamfer.
  2. Enter a (Angle).
  3. Enter the chamfer length.
  4. Enter the chamfer angle.
  5. Press ENTER to reenter the CHAMFER command.
  6. Select the first line and then the second line.

System variables Set CHAMMODE to 1 for the angle method. CHAMFERC stores the chamfer length. CHAMFERD stores the chamfer angle.

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