Chamfering by Specifying Distances in AutoCAD

The chamfer distance is the amount each object is trimmed or extended to meet the chamfer line or to intersect the other object. If both chamfer distances are 0, chamfering trims or extends the two objects until they meet but does not draw a chamfer line.


The default setting for the first distance is the last distance specified. The default setting for the second distance is whatever you choose for the first distance, because symmetrical distances are common. However, you can reset the chamfer distances.

In the following example, you set the chamfer distance to 0.5 for the first line and 0.25 for the second line. After you reset the distances, you are returned to the Command prompt.


To chamfer by specifying distances

  1. From the Modify menu, choose Chamfer.
  2. Enter d (Distance).
  3. Enter the first chamfer distance.
  4. Enter the second chamfer distance.
  5. Press ENTER to reenter the CHAMFER command.
  6. Select the lines for chamfering.

Command line CHAMFER
System variables Set CHAMMODE to 0 for the distance method. CHAMFERA and CHAMFERB store the first and second chamfer distances.

To chamfer two nonparallel lines

  1. From the Modify menu, choose Chamfer.
  2. Set the chamfer distances.
  3. Select the first line.
  4. Select the second line.

Command line CHAMFER


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