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Tinseltown Firefox Theme

If you are kind of bored on your Firefox default theme, there are add ons that you can get on the internet to replace it. As I was searching a theme I found a merry looking Firefox theme specially suited this Christmas. It’s called “Tinseltown” Firefox Theme. You don’t have to decorate it because it’s […]

WordPress Link Exchange Plugin Error

There is one biggest mistake when you are upgrading your wordpress with this plugin. It’s forgetting to upload the files in the wp-admin folder. Usually, wordpress instruction for upgrading the software is deleting the wp-admin and wp-content directory and its contents. But after upgrading, I don’t about you but in my experience I forgot to […]

Cool WordPress Mobile Plugin

If you are in search of a WordPress plugin that will convert your entire site into a mobile compatible blog site, then it won’t be that hard to do. All you need to do is to install a plugin in you WordPress blog and Wha La! you blog will now have a mobile version. When […]

Cool WordPress Link Exchange Plug in

Links to other sites is one of the most important factor for any website or blogs to rank well in search engines. Ranking well in search engines means traffic to you sites. There are many ways to exchange links to other websites and one of them is including a directory in your websites so you […]