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AutoCAD OSNAP Command

OSNAP is a abbreviation of object snap which specifies a snap point at an exact location on an object. You can use an object snap once in the middle of a command, or you can set running object snaps. Running object snap modes can be toggled on and off with the Osnap button on the […]

Creating Profiles in AutoCAD 2000

You can use the Profiles tab in the Options dialog box to create and save your drawing environment settings as a profile. If you share your workstation with other users who use the same login name, you can restore your options by making the profile current. You can also create and save profiles to use […]

Specifying Search Paths, File Names, and File Locations in AutoCAD

The Files tab of the Options dialog box is where you set the search path AutoCAD uses to find support files such as text fonts, drawings, linetypes, and hatch patterns. The working support file search path lists paths from the support file search path that are valid and exist in the current system directory structure […]

Setting Snap Spacing in AutoCAD

Snap mode restricts the movement of the crosshairs to intervals that you have defined. When Snap is on, the cursor seems to adhere, or “snap,” to an invisible grid. Snap is useful for specifying precise points with the keyboard or pointing device. You control snap precision by setting the X and Y spacing. Snap has […]

Setting Grid Limits in AutoCAD

You can set the rectangular boundary, or limits, of the drawing area that is covered by grid dots when the grid is turned on. The grid provides a visual representation of the limits. Setting the limits controls the extent of the display of the grid, and serves as A reference tool that marks the area […]