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Synchro develops plug-in for Google SketchUp

Synchro, makers of 4D (3D + time) construction simulation software, has developed a plug-in for Google SketchUp. The tool allows you to create 3D drawings in SketchUp and import them into the Synchro timeline. The result is a 4D simulation of a construction project as it progresses through time. 3D and 4D modeling software is […]

Is CAD or Computer Aided Design a Good Niche in the Market?

I hate to disappoint you folks but I don’t think the area of CAD or Computer Aided Design have a very big niche in the market. I already made some research on CAD websites and CAD blogs but surprisingly even though their domain is old which was registered way back 1998 or earlier they have […]

What CAD Software to Use?

The hardest part for a beginner who wants to learn how to use CAD software is what software to use. It’s because the first objective for most of us it the shortest learning curve and not deal with complicated learning phase. I’m not sure if everybody will agree with me as some of the top […]