Assigning a Plot Style to a Layer

AutoCAD ┬áprovides a new object property called plot style that can change the way a plotted drawing looks. By modifying an object’s plot style, you can override that object’s color, linetype, and lineweight. You can also specify end, join, and fill styles as well as output effects such as dithering, gray scale, pen assignment, and screening. You can use plot styles if you need to plot the same drawing in different ways. Objects in a drawing are associated with the default plot style setting of BYLAYER. Layer 0 defaults to a plot style of NORMAL. A layer that is assigned a NORMAL plot style assumes the properties that have already been assigned to that layer. You can apply plot styles to objects or layers. Plot styles are defined in plot style tables. You can view the current plot style of a selected object, change the plot style of an object, and make a plot style current. However, if the current drawing you are working in is in color-dependent mode (PSTYLEPOLICY is set to 1) as opposed to named plot styles mode (PSTYLEPOLICY is set to 0), you cannot assign a plot style to a layer.

To assign a plot style to a layer

  1. From the Format menu, choose Layer.
  2. In the Layer Properties Manager, select a layer and then click the plot style associated with that layer.
  3. In the Current Plot Style dialog box, select a plot style from the list.
  4. Choose OK to exit each dialog box.

Command line LAYER


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