Assigning a Linetype to a Layer

When you’re defining layers, linetypes provide another way to convey visual information. A linetype can be a straight line or a repeating pattern of dashes, dots, and blank spaces that you can use to distinguish the purpose of one line from another.

The linetype name and definition describe the particular dash-dot sequence, the relative lengths of dashes and blank spaces, and the characteristics of any included text or shapes.

To assign a linetype to a layer

  1. From the Format menu, choose Layer.
  2. In the Layer Properties Manager, select a layer and then click the linetype associated with that layer.
  3. In the Select Linetype dialog box, do one of the following:
  4. Select a linetype from the list
    Choose Load to load a linetype from a file (see “To load a linetype”).

  5. Choose OK to exit each dialog box.

Command line LAYER


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