Applying Formatting to Characters

To apply formatting to selected text within an mtext object, use the options on the Character tab in the Multiline Text Editor.

You can change the font and text height; apply boldface, italics, underlining, and color; stack text; and insert special characters using the options on the Character tab. The format changes you apply affect only the characters you select. The current text style is not changed.

To format characters in existing text using the Multiline Text Editor

  1. From the Modify menu, choose Text.
  2. Select the mtext object you want to edit.
  3. In the Multiline Text Editor, select text using one of the following methods:
  4. To select characters, click and drag the pointing device over the characters.
    To select a word, double-click the word.
    To select a paragraph, triple-click the paragraph.

  5. Choose the Character tab, and change the formatting of selected text as follows:
  6. To change the font, select a font.
    To change the height, enter a new value.


    To format text with boldface or italics (TrueType fonts only), or to underline text, choose the corresponding button on the toolbar.
    To create stacked text, see “Creating Stacked Text.”

    To uppercase or lowercase text, right-click in the Multiline Text Editor and choose Change Case Uppercase or Change Case Lowercase.
    To apply color, choose a color from the color box or choose Other. In the Select Color dialog box, select a color and choose OK. The most recently used colors are displayed in the Text Color list.


    To add special characters to the text, choose Symbol. Then choose Degrees, Plus/Minus, Diameter, or Non-breaking space to insert the special character in the text. To add a special character from the Unicode Character Map dialog box, choose Other. Choose one of the special characters from the dialog box and choose Close. To use GDT symbols in your mtext object, select the GDT font.


    NOTE To access the Unicode Character Map dialog box, you must have charmap.exe installed. See Windows Help for adding programs to your system.

  7. To import text from another file, click Import Text and select a file to import. (See “Using External Text Files.”)
  8. Choose OK.

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