Aligning Line Text

As you create text, you can align it horizontally. That is, you can justify it using one of the alignment options shown in the following illustration. Left alignment is the default. To left-align text, do not enter an option at the Justify prompt.


You can also fit line text between points that you specify. This option stretches or squeezes the text to fill the designated space. All of these alignment options are useful for creating text that must align with a specific insertion point or within geometric constructions.


To align line text as you create it

  1. From the Draw menu, choose Text Single Line Text.
  2. Enter j (Justify).
  3. Enter an alignment option.
  4. Each alignment option prompts you for information, such as a middle point of text for Middle alignment or a first and second endpoint for Fit alignment.

  5. Enter the alignment information by using your pointing device, or by entering the X,Y coordinate on the command line.
  6. Set the text height by dragging the pointing device until the distance between the cursor and the insertion point indicates the text height you want.
  7. or
    On the command line, enter a value in drawing units.
    (See “Setting Text Height.”)

  8. Set a text rotation angle by dragging the pointing device until the angle between the cursor and the insertion point represents the text rotation angle you want.
  9. or
    On the command line, enter the X,Y coordinate.

  10. Enter the text. Press ENTER to end one line of text and begin another.
  11. The TEXT command displays the text in the drawing as you type. The alignment of the text doesn’t show on screen until you exit the command.

  12. Press ENTER on a blank line to end text creation.

Command line TEXT


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