This site is devoted to any information about CAD ( Computer Aided Design and Drafting ). I have been using AutoCAD for almost 12 years and started from version 11. Most of my CAD works are Mechanical in nature although most CAD users are in the line of Architecture and Civil. The most recent AutoCAD version on my last employment is version 2000 because the management thinks that upgrading to the latest version is a waste of money. Maybe it is because they don’t know the value of it. But the truth is without designing software like that production is not possible.

About yours truly, I studied and graduated in Patts College of Aeronautics with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering. I worked in Itung ( a Taiwanese Plastic Injection Mold maker ) , Nikon Industrial Corporation ( home appliance manufacturer ) and Small Precision Tools Philippines ( a Swiss manufacturer of semiconductor bonding tools. . Now I’ m an online entrepreneur and this CAD Blog is one of the blogs I own. Hoping you will enjoy your visit and please if you have something to suggest, just post a comment email me. Thanks.

Manny Montala
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