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Creating Groups Using AutoCAD

When you create a group, you can give the group a name and description. If you copy a group, the copy is given the default name Ax and is considered unnamed. Unnamed groups are not listed in the Object Grouping dialog box unless you select Include Unnamed. If you choose a member of a selectable […]

Editing Methods – Using Groups

A group is a named selection set of objects. Unlike unnamed selection sets, groups are saved with the drawing. Group definitions are maintained when you use a drawing as an external reference or insert it in another drawing. However, until you have bound and exploded external references or exploded blocks, you cannot directly access groups […]

Removing Objects from a Selection Set

After you create a selection set, you can choose to remove individual objects from that set. For example, you can select an entire group of densely grouped objects, and then remove specific objects within the group to leave only the objects you want to be in the set. You can choose to remove objects only […]

Filtering Selection Sets in AutoCAD

Using either the Quick Select or Object Selection Filters dialog box, you can filter selection sets by property (such as color) and by object type. For example, you can select all of the red circles in a drawing without selecting any other object; or you can select all objects except the red circles. With Quick […]

Customizing Object Selection in AutoCAD

You can control how objects are selected by choosing the selection mode, pickbox size, and object sorting method. To use the object selection settings From the Tools menu, choose Options. To modify the object sorting method, choose the User Preferences tab, and then select the methods you want. To modify the selection mode and pickbox […]