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Purging Named Objects in AutoCAD

Over time, drawings may accumulate many named objects that are no longer needed. For example, you may have a text style that is no longer used by any drawing text, or a layer that contains no drawing objects. Purging named objects reduces drawing size. You can purge individual named objects, all styles and definitions of […]

Renaming Named Objects in AutoCAD

As your drawings become more complex, you can rename named objects to keep the names meaningful or to avoid conflicts with names in drawings you insert into the main drawing. You can rename any named object except those that AutoCAD names by default, for example, layer 0. To rename a named object From the Format […]

Using Hatch Patterns in AutoCAD

AutoCAD supplies a solid fill and more than 50 industry-standard hatch patterns that you can use to differentiate the components of objects or represent object materials. AutoCAD supplies 14 hatch patterns that conform to the ISO (International Standardization Organization) standards. When you select an ISO pattern, you can specify a pen width, which determines the […]

Tinseltown Firefox Theme

If you are kind of bored on your Firefox default theme, there are add ons that you can get on the internet to replace it. As I was searching a theme I found a merry looking Firefox theme specially suited this Christmas. It’s called “Tinseltown” Firefox Theme. You don’t have to decorate it because it’s […]