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How to Create Linetype in AutoCAD

I think I made the wrong title on this post because linetypes need not be created because its already made and there are already pre-made and standard linetypes and all you have to do is to load them and change the linetype of the object(e.g. lines, arcs, circles, polygons, polylines ) you have created. There […]

I Changed My Theme Again

I kind a like the Talian WordPress theme because of the sleek design and the yellow and black colors on the theme which is similar to an AutoCAD default interface but there are some problems I encounter. For example, when I submit to directories, the automated reciprocal link on those directories can’t detect my link […]

How to Create a Multiline Style in AutoCAD

You can create named styles for multilines to control the number of elements and the properties of each element. The style also controls the background fill and the end cap. See “How to Edit Multilines.” To create a multiline style From the Format menu, choose Multiline Style. In the Multiline Styles dialog box, enter a […]

Drawing Multilines

Multilines consist of between 1 and 16 parallel lines, called elements. You position the elements by specifying the desired offset of each element from the origin of the multiline. You can create and save multiline styles or use the default style, which has two elements ( later on my post I’ll discuss how to make […]