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Making Your Own Computer Table

These last two weeks I was busy designing and constructing a computer table out of an old antique office desk made from 3/4 inch thick hardwood (Narra) board. It was from my father and used it in his factory office back in the 70’s. If you are planning to make your own computer table, to […]

AutoCAD for Dummies: How to Draw an ARC – Part 3

Finally, we are now in the part 3 of the arc drawing in AutoCAD. So to start with, another method of drawing an arc is: Center, Start, End This method is the reverse of all the previous method because the starting point is at the center and the second point is the start point. Hope […]

AutoCAD for Dummies: How to Draw a ARC – Part 2

This is the continuation of part 1 because this is a very long discussion and I don’t want to bore you. So the next method of drawing the arc is: Start, End, Angle Unlike the previous methods we have discussed so far, the arc will start on one point and the following is the end […]

AutoCAD for Dummies: How to Draw a ARC – Part 1

Drawing an arc is easy using AutoCAD and there are many uses of this entity like for example drawing complex shaped objects etc. etc. But first let me introduce to you what an an ARC is. Basically it is part or portion of a circle that is why the correct way of measuring an ARC […]