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Drawing Capillaries and Die Bonding Tools (Semiconductor Bonding Tool)

I have a feeling that I should not include this topic because I can imagine that this will not be very useful to other discipline of AutoCAD users because mostly, Architectural and Civil engineering have the most user of AutoCAD. Just to share my little knowledge to the world wide web that such profession does […]

Cool WordPress Mobile Plugin

If you are in search of a WordPress plugin that will convert your entire site into a mobile compatible blog site, then it won’t be that hard to do. All you need to do is to install a plugin in you WordPress blog and Wha La! you blog will now have a mobile version. When […]

AutoCAD for Dummies: How to Draw an Ellipse

Again, this lesson is the continuation of the two previous lessons, the ‘how to draw a straight line’ and ‘how to draw a circle’. Those two are more simple than drawing the ellipse because a circle only need a diameter or the radius dimension to create a circle. A straight line is also simple because […]